Musician shares talents with children

A Zimbabwean musician who has lived in three different countries believes in sharing his talents with children.

The rhumba artist Josphat Gumede, born in Plumtree, believes children are the future and therefore precious. In his band, Matabeleland Young [email protected] Generation, he has 14 children backing vocalists and dancers. They come from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Johannesburg-based artist said since childhood he wanted to do something for the community. He is proud that after many years of waiting, this is the right time to fulfil his dream. Gumede spent more than five years in Botswana before coming to South Africa in 1993.

He started the band in 2006 with his two children. “I’m doing what the late President Nelson Mandela would have loved us to do. He always said children were the future of tomorrow,” Gumede told The Zimbabwean.

“These children share some of the profits from all the shows and in future I’m planning to pay for their school fees,” he said. In addition to managing other artists, including DJ Dr Love and TK Brothers, Gumede has released six albums since 2006. He is now back in the studio working on another album that will be out in October.

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