OPINION: “It’s all down to leadership… Zimbabwe is approaching the unenviable status of a failed state. The conclusion is inevitable, our leadership has been judged and found wanting and until there is change, there can be no progress”

Thats true, l agree to that !!! - Tafadzwa Dzapasi

Tafadzwa Dzapasi
Tafadzwa Dzapasi

True n to te end l c tem suffer a lot. – Macie Mawere

Rest in peace my grt Zìm. – Joel Mutasa

An undeniable fact indeed! The problem with Zimbabwe is that her government does not have the people’s mandate. Zanu pf regime is a pariah it has arms-twisted all state institutions to ignore democracy. Its total removal from illegitimate power would usher in a healthy government. – Gain Sibanda

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