Rugby programme for Mabvuku Tafara

Zimbabwe Rugby Union development Officer and Tag rugby manager for Harare, Raymond Mzwipawani, is determined to take the game to a higher level through an Old Mutual grassroots programme.

The programme focuses on coaching Mabvuku High, Tafara High 1and 2 boys’ rugby as a developmental programme for boys from Under-14 -18-year categories.

“Our goal is to build a strong future rugby outfit that will compete at international level,” Mzwipawani told The Zimbabwean recently. “Rugby is always viewed as a minority sport, but we are changing that and taking it to the high-density areas as a way of showing that even the previously overlooked have talent in the sport.

“We are giving the youngsters gruelling training as we believe they have a role to play for our country in the future. We might go to the world cup if this project is taken seriously.”

Mzwipawani said they had already held a successful tournament under the programme. “Last week we arranged an Inter-Community Rugby tournament at Tafara High school, which featured Mabvuku select, Mbare select, Zengeza select and Seke select in the Under -14, 16 and 18-year age groups. Zengeza select won the tournament and we were impressed with their performance,” he said.

“Many parents are buying their kids training equipment and come to watch our training sessions and match days, something that shows their appreciation of what we are doing.”

Mzwipawani urged more schools embrace his programme, which he said carried the future of the national sport.

“The biggest challenge we are facing is that some schools do not see the potential that lies in this project. This programme does not only benefit them but, also paves way for a better future for the kids.”

Mzwipawani also runs another programme for Tag Rugby Trust, where primary school boys and girls meet at a chosen school every month to play rugby.

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