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Caps rovai Shabani muratidze consistency kwete kuti nhasi mahwinha tofara, mangwana moruza tosuwa-Muneka, Zimbabwe.

Kepekepe bhora. Zvazvinhu gore rino Green Machine muri padhuze-Itso, Epworth, Zimbabwe

Why do the Zimbabwe Defence Forces prefer playing against predictable and week opponents like The Namibia Defence Forces instead of giants from around the region such as Zambia, Angola among others for the Defence Forces Trophy? Pitting our forces against regional whipping boys such as Namibia removes the glamour from the otherwise respectful day-Gladys, Zengeza 5, Chitown, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has football talent but the problem is at the top, ZIFA agents and club directors. A few agents such as Winston Makamure, Edzayi Kasinauyo, among others are an exemption. Why can’t club directors be like Jomo Sono who was a constant hit but never turned greedy. And someone advise where my soccer idol George Mbwando is?-Bruce Muchipe, Timesquare, Ywoville, Jhb South Africa

Does it mean Bosso can’t beat Dembare anymore?-Disappointed Bosso fan, South Africa

Keep going Dembare, good job. Show your rivals that they are mince meat-Shepherd Binule, Plumtree, Zimbabwe

Dynamos mean business. As the PSL season draws to a close Dembare is showing the staff it is made of, League Champion material. Dembare leads and others follow-Simbarashe Mbirimi, Kuwadzana, Harare, Zimbabwe

The violence that marred the Bosso-Dembare match at Barbour fields recently, was an unfortunate mirror image of how bad losers cost the beautiful game. ZIFA and police should deal decisively with the perpetrators-Richard Ndlovu, Lobengula, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Please The Zimbabwean provide your readership with information about grassroots sporting activities at village and school level. This is where talent is bred and nurtured-Simon Tawengwa, Msasa, Harare.

It would be-fitting if the Heroes Day Football Trophy attract contesting teams from as low as Division One. The cup should provide the biggest annual soccer showcase on the land given sacrifices made by the country’s heroes both fallen and living-Dambudzo Velemu, Pretoria, South Africa

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