Too bright to be a maid

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have chosen to work as a maid after failing to get a job that I have trained for. I am much too educated to be doing this, but because there aren’t any job opportunities so I have chosen to work with what is on offer at the moment. My challenge now is that my boss sometimes feels insecure with me.

I sense a bit of an inferiority complex in her each time I open my mouth to speak and speak sense. I think she has for long been exposed to maids who are shallow minded and she seems uneasy when the family is in a discussion and I contribute something that is meaningful.

Her husband recognises that I am different and at one point he joked about me being a Google of a maid in the house, though I have never really told them about my education. I don’t intend any harm in this couple’s life; all I want to do is be helpful and earn my money at the end of the month. Help me with ideas on how I can do it without causing tension? – Sisi Bee

Dear Sisi Bee

It is not a crime that you are educated and intelligent, that in any way should help you execute your current job well. But the last thing you want to do as a maid is appear as if you are undermining the authority of your boss.

You need to be much closer to her than her husband. I think it would be a good idea if you confide in her and explain your situation. Make it clear that you have no plans to undermine her in any way and that you just want to help. Be open with her and that will help her to trust you and not feel threatened by you.

Of course you cannot stop praises coming from her husband about you, that is something they both have to correct if one of them doesn’t like it. But you need not show or make that affect you emotionally. Any blushing or clear acknowledgement of those comments would offend your female boss, even though you had not invited the comments.

Try to humble yourself and not involve yourself in debates that do not concern you. You need to draw a line for yourself and know that your job is for you to assist with housework. It is unfortunate that you will have moments where you need to reduce yourself intellectually and let your boss win some arguments because that is what your position right now demands.

So, humble yourself and earn your income as you wait for a job opportunity of something you trained for. – Aunty Lisa

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