Weird Facts

1. Soldiers at army barracks in Zimbabwe have to go on two weeks’ leave every month to cut on costs since the government is cash strapped

2. The Zimbabwean police is raising most of its money from roadblock fines. Motorists have no choice but to pay spot fines and traffic officers are given daily targets to meet

3. Zanu (PF) has broken its own rules to ensure that President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, becomes the boss of the party’s Women’s League. The position must be held by a person who has held a senior position before but Grace is a newcomer to the party structures.

4. Despite widespread poverty, Zimbabwe is among countries with the highest number of motorists who drive Mercedes Benz models

5. During the hyperinflationary period in 2000s, Zimbabwe would queue at banks for several days and still fail to withdraw money. When they did, it was only worth transport fare back home.

6. Zimbabwe, at 91 percent, has the highest literacy rate in Africa, but the highest unemployment rate in an African country not at war

7. Young Zimbabwean women at university have had to resort to commercial sex to fund their education because of poverty

8. The road that passes close to State House is closed from 6pm to 6am

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