What do you think is the government’s greatest achievement since July 2013?

Looting minerals and ignoring its people dying with hunger. - Shephard Shapiroh Sakandya

Shephard Shapiroh Sakandya
Shephard Shapiroh Sakandya

Re-calibrating… – Sean Amers

Demolishing the country. – Kusasa Dzovani

NONE, bt 4 e benefit of doubt we cn award them a price of archiving e highest level of CLUELESSNESS ever since in e world!!! – Tafadzwa Dzapasi

Gùd question indeed, here is the list of gvt’s best achievements. 1. Grooming, fuelling highest level of corruption. 2. Nikuving elections. 3. Establish a police state where traffic cops àr free to loot frm motorists wth the blessings of commander-in-chief. 4. Crushing dissent voices. 5. Zanu internal fissures. 6. Economy freefall. 7. Attempts to create Mugabe kingdomship. – Joel Mutasa

Destroying little achieved from GNU. – @farayimate8

Making people poorer. – @EmmanuelNdlovu4

Decongesting the CBD just recently #holdingbay. – @princie8

Feathering the nests of its ministers. Ruining the economy. – @gidi_gabriel

None. – Wendy Makusha

Displacing people by trapping water they cannot manage. – Climon Gondongwe

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