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Zanu(PF) revive the economy. ZIMASSET is the way to perpetual debt and recolonisation by creditors-Takafirei, Zimbabwe

Vakomana vakafururwa na Biti na Mangoma ndiko kuparara kwema political careers enyu. Kunyanya Paul Madzore, Solomon Madzore, Mkwananzi, Mandebvu Chifodya etc. Gunda musairira rakaurayisa wakawanda. Chandinokuudzayi ndechekuti musaite shungu dzembwa dzinoperera mumvere. Ko Jacob Mufume akamboenzanisa hwayi dzababa vake Biti nedza Morgan Tsvangirai here?-Zola Matimonyo, Zimbabwe

We are Tanaka and Lovejoy Mtetwa living in the diaspora. We are Zimbabwe’s future leadership. As sisters, we are confident that we will become Zimbabwe’s first woman president and speaker of parliament respectively. Please The Zimbabwean publicise our aspirations together with pictures-Tanaka and Lovejoy Mtetwa-South Africa

I recently travelled to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and was shocked to come across 25 police road blocks between Beitbridge and Bulawayo. Traffic officers manning the roadblocks would be difficult to fleece motorists of their hard earned money in form of bribe. Why is government reluctant to deal with corrupt police?-Mtetwa, South Africa

I would like to commend The Zimbabwean for an educative and informative paper. Is it not possible for your readership to access the news articles via SMS?-Avid reader, Zimbabwe

As Zimbabweans our divergence with Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF) is based on the need for us to create a modern democratic state underpinned by fairness and the respect for human dignity, necessity for the removal of all impediments, overt and covert created by Mugabe to limit our personal liberties and the pursuit for happiness. The movement towards democracy demands that regime change should be consistent with the need for a peaceful transition within the framework of the rule of law and respect for human rights -William Makonese, Marondera, Zimbabwe

The question that must ring in SADC heads of state’s heads is why there is no meaningful development in Zimbabwe after the so called resounding victory by Zanu (PF) at the July 31, 2013 harmonised election. Mugabe has overstayed in power and we are worried to see SADC heads of states behaving like his (Mugabe)’s children. Mugabe is no good for modern politics. There is need for a push for accountability by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission following the 2013 election anomalies. SADC should explain why the electronic voters roll is not yet availed to the public, why ZEC allowed use of dubious voters’ slips at the polls and why millions of potential voters were turned away from polling stations for different suspicious reasons. SADC should help bring ZEC to task over these irregularities since without input of the regional grouping Zimbabwe would be doomed -Jakaya, Mtoko, Zimbabwe

Mthwakazi kandaba liyakwazi yini? Ukuthi abafela ilizwe lethu nxa bengavuka lamuhla bengazisola ukuthi iZimbabwe babesithi bayayikhulula kanti bayayibophela ngamaketane eZanu (PF). Ngempela iZimbabwe kayikhululekanga ngenxa ye Zanu (PF) njalo ungabona thina abesintwini abazukulu babaMzilawegazi singalithatha lelilizwe siyalibusa lathi 40 years lingabuyelanga amashoneni ngenkani lingambuluza silitshaye futhi. Lina bantu beZanu (PF) yazini ukuthi akusela munthu ofuna iZanu (PF). We are tired of politics without principles, degrees without relevant education. Imagine Mugabe leading the Zanu (PF) men’s wing and the nation, Grace in charge of the women’s league, Chatunga herding the youths while Nhamodzenyika would be in charge at the National Heroes’ Acre? Zanu (PF) is the House of Hunger of our time-L.S. Makhosonke, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans living from hand to mouth. Why tisina mvura mu Gleview throughout the week. Tinorarama seyi?-Shamiso Musonza, Glenview, Harare

In Zimbabwe it remains difficult for one to obtain necessary documentation such as identification cards, passport, birth certificate let alone a school place without paying a bribe-Disappointed citizen, Zimbabwe

Mugabe ayitivimbisa mabasa achinyeba-Zimbabwe Youths, Harare

Cry the beloved country, Zimbabwe-Vincent Ncube and Ndumiso Ndlovu, Hillbrow, South Africa

The Zimbabwean please write positive stories in your paper. Unnecessarily negative articles about our country make our hosts in the Diaspora look down on us. Surely, your recent “Crocodiles Story” could not have found front page and lead space in a serious publication-South Africa based reader.

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