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We have seen the launch of EFF led by Julius Malema. The party is causing sleepless nights in the ANC. The copy of the EFF is now in Namibia (NEFF). Tatarisirawo hameno kuti kuchabudawo chii muZimbabwe chichatipawo tariro. Tofira musangano here nhai mwari we-e? ayiwa bodo - Bessington, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kana munhu wakadzidza hondo hauna kudzidza runyararo. Kunzi comrade hakuna kuipa but kwete kushandisa chiCde kudya sadza randapakura. No no no no – Spinorah, Zimbabwe

Kuthiwa kwazwakala igundwane lisithi thina phela siyakhula silingane lembuzi manje inking yikuthi amashona asidla sisebancane. Sekuze kubalabala labo mangoye bathi kabasatholi ukudla okwenele ngenxa yamashona.

Yikho mina ngithi gundwane lihlakaniphileyo libalekela emandebeleni eliyisithutha emashoneni. The Zimbabwean stop placing Nehanda’s picture in your paper. She is not our hero but Mzilikazi and Lobengula – Sthombe sika Mzilikazi in exile, South Africa.

Zanu (PF) is fundraising again by gathering paMusasa, Domboramwari, Epworth, since last week Saturday. They are issuing out data forms and taking people’s pictures for Zanu (PF) identity documents. The exercise cost two dollars. People from kwaDhonoro neighbouring Domboramwari, are forced to pay 1 to have Zanu (PF) numbers inscribed on their houses. This is the Zanu (PF) way of fundraising for party workers maybe – Sithole, Epworth, Zimbabwe.

Thanks The Zimbabwean for the important information you give us. Keep up the good work. Jera on ‘The State of the Nation’ is superb. We miss Prof John Makumbe. For Mr President. We have seen that it is you who is influencing for the imposition of your wife Grace Mugabe on the Women’s League.

She does not qualify for the position according to your party rules which you as a party stated recently, in order to sideline well reasoning members from competing. That’s dictatorship. It will not be surprising for the nation to wake up tomorrow and hear that you have appointed your children to the throne. We do not want dynasties. Why not quit politics considering your age?? – Jakata, Mutoko, Zimbabwe

No to Mujuru. No to Jonathan Moyo. No to everything Zanu (PF) – Diaspora.

The Zimbabwean please provide me a column to write about possible ways to tame the road carnage. I am a truck driver and think I have a lot to contribute and save valuable lives lost on our roads. – The Driver, South Africa.

Save, Morgan Tsvangirai, is the only leader with a majority following in Zimbabwe. The only brave person who challenged Mugabe. Tsvangirai is loved by both the rural and urban communities. He fought for the rights of workers. Dhongi ramera Nyanga here?? Tongai tione. Chinja – True Zim, Zimbabwe.

Will some people vote Khaya Moyo for president 2018? – Makhosonke, Zimbabwe

I looked at baba Jukwa’s profile foto. He looks old but never mind Jukwa nemwana wamai vake will take over from where the old man , baba Jukwa will have left. Is Jukwa a son or daughter?

We have learnt that a new party with such a confusing name was formed. The party will get nothing from us. Rather call it Zanu (PF) and confuse some people. That way yah – Nancy, Pretoria, South Africa

Vince Musewe for President. I have been reading his column for a while. To be frank, the reason I buy The Zimbabwean is becoz of his articles. Off late it’s also Eddie Cross who has attracted my attention. These are outstanding individuals with an idea of what Zimbabweans need to do to escape from this mediaeval rotten micky mouse government.

Since we are all accustomed to tyranny, these great individuals would go a long way, but unfortunately unnoticed. Shame. Eddie Cross for vice President. Viva – Vincent Ncube and Ndumiso Ndlovu, Hillbrow, South Africa.

I think like every other paper, your work is good. Unfortunately, we do not feed on news but a sound economy realised from democracy and regime change. We need change not politicians giving fake promises. I will continue reading your paper and make comments where possible-Clao, South Africa

All I need is locating where the Ministry of Labour is. The Chinese are violating innocent people’s rights day in day out with impunity. Where is the national leadership? The Chinese did not come to Zimbabwe to create employment but self enrichment and siphoning the country’s natural resources out. The Chinese’s numbers in Zimbabwe continue to swell – Worried citizen, Zimbabwe.

No fixed dates and gurantee that civil servants would get paid. Mmmmmm zvakaoma unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbo famba seyi. This is not a country of slavery – Enslaved government worker, Harare, Zimbabwe

Our unforgettable heroes, Charles Muzengeli, Enoch Dumbutshena, Charton Cezani Ngqebetsha, Rev Thompson Douglas Samkange, Dr Stanlake John William Samkange, Lazarus Nkala, Silvester Tawonezvi Bgoni, Micheal Andrew Mawema, Jairos Jiri, Mark Nziramasanga, James Chikerema, Dunduza Chisiza, Josiah Terry Maluleka, Stanley Garikayi Parirewa, Mjobiseni Rolek Bango, Amon Jirira – Edmond Chihota, Zimbabwe

When I was in visiting my home area, Gwanda, a fortnight ago, I witnessed police mounting roadblocks aimed at asking for passports from passersby. Is it lawful for police to demand a passport from citizens at home? Why should we allow some individuals to treat us like foreigners? Isn’t it time to act? – Disappointed citizen, South Africa

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