Will you be celebrating Heroes Days tomorrow? If not, why not?

Y shld I celebrate it. There is nothing 2 celebrate about. - Jeffrey Dakarayi Barirweyi

Jeffrey Dakarayi Barirweyi
Jeffrey Dakarayi Barirweyi

HeroesDay is a ZANU PF leadership event & tool of repression. Hard to celebrate that. – @RebuildZimbabwe

This is wrong and u know it. Wateva the case it doesnt mean these guys ddnt do e job. – @zivaidesire

Pretty facile ..but what we do know is that the present incumbents are a complete joke ..#BASKETCASE..!! – @Zambman

I will celebrating in my own way. My way is not to politicize the day but reflect on the true principle of the day. – @lioneldenecker

We now need a new definition of what’s a hero. How can we celebrate our oppressors. – @lykmoor

You’re wrong!! Heroes’ Day is national in perspective. Its NEVER partisan as u wld want us believe. – @sheunesuM

Isn’t it true to say this is a Zanu PF occasion? Really? – @ConorMWalsh

When the revolution comes heroes will be Peter Ndlovu, Mapfumo, Strive… – @JeraAfrika

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