3-story mansion

Which surprised us all because a three-storey mansion has sprouted in the midst of the large swathe of land acquired for the little orphan children. If Grace is silent about her PhD, it is because she knows that there is no plausible explanation.

Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

Even the minister of higher education, Olivia Muchena, has washed her hands like Pontius Pilate, choosing to refer all queries to the university. Ironically, Muchena is in the media, talking about wanting Zimbabwe’s education to stay abreast with global standards. A strange thing to say, a week after Grace’ PhD fiasco. The rule of cheating in school is ‘never do the implausible.’

When a back row pupil, who normally struggles to get Ds, suddenly has a string of As, it arouses suspicion. If the President’s team of ‘fixers’ had contrived a Master’s degree for Grace – a University of London bachelor of arts dropout – nobody would be asking questions.

VP Joice Mujuru’s thesis is available on the UZ website but the First Lady’s dissertation is nowhere in evidence. But that shall no doubt be rectified. As we speak, some poor plodder with a Zanu (PF) membership card is typing furiously and Grace’s 100,000-word thesis will magically appear online – a bag of fertiliser and maize seed is powerful currency in these parts.

As the Zanu (PF) December congress approaches, the propaganda machine has carried on, at full throttle. Even before the nation has come to terms with the shock of Grace’s new title, some dubious body – the Philanthropy Institute of Zimbabwe – has named Dr Grace as ‘Philanthropist of the year.’ Spare a thought for the 300 families evicted from Mazowe by the kind and generous philanthropist of the year.

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