Ask Aunty Lisa: Do you think Prince should stop his girlfriend posting pictures of herself on social media?

u shuld leave that lunatic - James Musa

James Musa
James Musa

Asi mukomana ari right hazvi kunyanyoflasher paface book – Vivian Chikwat

leave dat girl – Bismah Mushongs

she's in a film school what do you expect? I bet you'll have a heart attach if she lands a role that involves kissing. – Mekani Sakala

Huuuuuuuum dnt be jelous – Kelvin Kazvarira

Do not fight ole son. Pack up, up yo bags, hold yo head high n head for the highway. – Trevor T S Gwaze

She need time to change. Show her that you are serious of being together for the rest of your life – Trust Muchono

Prince should just leave this social media obsessed girl – Mthandazo Nsingo

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