ASK AUNTY LISA: How would you advise Mama G? Have you had similar problems with teenagers?

How about just smile at him and hug him and tell him you love him because you know you taught him to be a good person? Or you can do what other people do, and hit people and show them how intolerant we can be of others who choose to have different clothes and hair than we are comfortable seeing. I mean we need to be comfortable with what we see right? It’s so important that we need to be violent tho? - Avanza Vaile

Avanza Vaile
Avanza Vaile

Discipline the boy very well or ask the bachi comitte or the youth bregade. – Lucky Myomo

Thrz nthn wrong wth e boi ds z tha 21st century let him enjoy lyf datz wat evry youngster daz 2 their hair n pants our parents must learn 2 live wth it. – Brandon Makoni

The CANE baba…he’s missing it badly, do not spare it, its a good vitamin for the child’s moral health. – Gain Sibanda

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