Benefits of outsourced IT

Every firm needs convenience, reliability and efficiency to function well. Your computers and ICT (Information Communication Technology) systems are similar: you don’t think about it when you need to access your customer database or accounting system, but if it’s down or not working properly, you notice and efficiency suffers. As with most things ICT systems require maintenance, be it proactive or reactive maintenance.

One option for getting the job done is outsourcing. Contracting a third party company to handle all your IT requirements and let them focus on your ICT systems while you focus on your core business.

Reasons why outsourced IT might be the best choice for you:

1. Control capital costs – by moving to the cloud –

Cost-cutting is the most common reason why many firms choose to outsource. Outsourcing providers can cut your capital costs by reducing the amount of internal equipment (such as servers, software costs, desktops, etc.) required to keep your information systems running smoothly or needed to roll out new IT solutions.

2.Increase efficiency

IT administration is probably not your core competency and, therefore, not your most efficient use of time. But it should be the core focus of your IT outsourcing provider, whose cost structure and economies of scale can give your firm an important competitive advantage. An outsourcing partner will generally be able to provide a team of proficient IT professionals with extensive technical expertise at a lower cost than a single in-house employee.

3. Reduce labour costs

It can cost your firm unnecessary time and money to find, hire and train an in-house IT staff member. IT service providers are responsible for staffing the right people and keeping them trained on the latest technology. Professional IT companies invest a significant amount of time and money to make sure their technical knowledge is thorough and up-to-date.

4. Start new projects quickly

Starting new IT projects can take weeks or months to handle internally, between hiring and training your people and determining hardware or software needs and procuring all the necessary resources. IT service providers have the knowledge, experience, and resources to start new projects immediately.

5. Focus on your core business

In terms of time and personnel, your firm has limited resources. These resources are most likely better spent focusing on your core competencies that generate revenue. Outsourcing your IT function can help your firm concentrate on more important activities, like serving clients, and help the firm’s mission remain the focus.

6. Level the playing field

Larger firms have a considerable advantage when it comes to resources, and sometimes it can be difficult for smaller firms to match the in-house support and IT infrastructure of these larger firms. Outsourcing the IT function means small firms can have the same level of efficiency, expertise and dependability that large firms benefit from. Application outsourcing also provides the ability to access your core information from any computer that is connected to the Internet. This type of ubiquitous access helps smaller firms project a much larger presence, by allowing everyone to be more efficient and responsive to client needs.

7. Reduce risk

Today’s technology can change quickly. Unless technology is your area of expertise, outsourcing providers are more qualified and equipped to adapt to these rapid changes and can assume and manage the risk that comes with them. Outsourced IT providers have the infrastructure and service level agreements that allow smaller firms to realize the uptimes and system resiliency that larger firms enjoy.

In a nutshell, outsourcing your IT costs to a IT Service Providers will not only give you a pool of professional technicians better able to keep you current with the latest tools but will also reduce costs and increase your economic efficiency…

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