Buffalo Souljah’s steamy video sparks outcry

South African-based Zimbabwean dancehall artist Buffalo Souljah has come under fire following the release of his steamy music video entitled Soja Riripo.

Maneta Mazanhi.
Maneta Mazanhi.

The video features the singer in intimate scenes with Zimbabwe’s Big Brother Africa StarGame representative Maneta Mazanhi. The clips already circulating show the two all over each other, kissing from the lounge all the way to the bedroom where more intimate scenes were shot with Maneta in her undergarments.

While the video might have sent tongues wagging among urbanites, the same cannot be said about conservatives who have lashed out at the two for their wayward behaviour. “I think our own musicians are so desperate for attention that they are now going to extremes in a bid to attract viewers and fans. I wonder whether it was necessary for Buffalo Souljah to go that far in his video?

“This guy has won a string of awards on a clean sheet, why would he want to soil his image now by trying to imitate Western and European cultural practices in his music? What he doesn’t know is that in his quest to reach out to the world, he will lose the loyal fans he had,” said Terrence Mareya, a commentator.

Walter Mabaya said the steamy video was an attempt to ride on controversy, and could backfire. “Buffalo Souljah knows that Zimbabwe is conservative and he wants to ride on the controversy that will be sparked by his video. But at the same time, it’s a marketing gimmick that might backfire,” said Mabaya.

Scores of music fans who spoke to The Zimbabwean lashed out at the music star. “This guy has lost it, instead of making good music to get his name where he wants it to be, he uses sexual connotations in video to push his music. This is a an indirect acknowledgement that he is aware that he does not have the talent but will use any means necessary to remain topical in music circles. Personally, I don’t relate to such wayward attention seekers masquerading as musicians,” fumed Chris Dube.

As criticism continues to flood in, Buffalo Souljah has come to the defence of his video. He described those criticising the video as a backward lot in a modern society. “Crazy Africans trip about anything, even a kiss in a music video oh culture what what (sic),” he retorted.

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