Can killing ever be justified?

He is right on passive won’t help us in emancipating us from his evil rule. - Gain Sibanda

Gain Sibanda
Gain Sibanda

So sad that everyone cannot just MOVE ON! We cannot change history but we can make a better future for ALL ZIMBABWEANS. – Fiona Payne

After chasing whites what is this zanu gvt doing to improve the lives of the pple? Corruption is now the order of the day, no water,no eletricity thanxs to these leaders who claim to know everything!! – Tendayi Muchineripi

I thought that some whites had actually purchased land from his government,which makes killing some of them unjustifiable. – Huggla Caprice

The whites ddnt think twice abt taking a black soul to prove a point.. it was e only way to make them see hw srs we were. – Ropa Muungani

He is very crazy ,we are scattered all ova de world because of him. – Proe Dee Ngobeni

Mugabe s crazy than white setlers,which country s being ruled by an old man ecept zimbabwe. – Joe Glen

In this era its a pity to witness educated barberians vomit guile and bile, killing is never justified. – Oscah Dube

An eye for an eye will only make da whole world blind. – Dansoe Slizzjay Shereko

Killing in self defence and when carrying out a death sentence without looking at one’s colour might justfy killing but not as a rule. Repelling an invasion on a sovereign might not always amount to killing. Lets not critisize political statements word for word because its not a boxing duel Anywhere any killing must be judged on its merits. – Moyo Bhowasi

Yes, killiñ cñ b justified whñ there’s foreign aggression & chaos. – Joel Mutasa

This was wrong on all accounts, such talk divides and such utterances we should not condone. – @QueenNosipho

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