China is taking advantage of the lack of competition and has therefore given us raw deals…' by VinceMusewe

Zimbabwe is now Chinese colony - Ezekiel Padare

now that is a crappy deal, to me dats not different from being colonised coz the Chinese will be dictating the pace – Benard Gambe

To think that our country has come to this. I feel so sorry for the Zimbabweans who have to seek employment in other countries and be ostrisized. I hope Mugabe is happy in his little mansion – Mona Watson

The issue of china @old bob.its disgusting so us as people f zimbabwe must decide.firstly lets get rid of bob,the peaceful way has failed! Lets remove him violently ie lets start by destroying bridges,petrol [email protected] camps.the reality s bob @ his chinese w d as they pleases.lets not wait f miracles t happen,we may go t2018 eletions,nikiv @uncle a waiting f us.action must start now lets fight opresion'shinga mwana wevhu shinga.zviro zviedzwa mataliban akatakura zvombo nema donkey akabudirira.ask the guys who were sent t congo.they will tell u about uncle.the chinese deals benefits [email protected] conected. – Joe Glen

Well said. But what's the solution to end all this??? If only we were able. – Shaun Tavener

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