Cloud 9 Empire pushes for a clean message

A new dancehall crew, Cloud 9 Empire, has hit the music scene with socially conscious music that preaches about deliverance and upholding the Rastafarian faith.

Cloud 9 Empire, Timmy Boy Productions and other backyard studios are championing for a clean sound in their latest releases, focusing on messages designed to encourage youths to live free from immorality, drug abuse and other vices.

“We started recording two years ago and have noticed the effect of dancehall music on youths,” said Cloud 9 Empire producer and vocalist Heaven Zidenga, better known as Hevaddah. “Now we need to reverse the message and lead teens back to education and entertainment that builds a tomorrow for our future leaders.”

DJ Daddy T of Cloud 9 Empire said the crew had set up their own studio and were even making their own instruments.

Hevaddah added that “in no time all people still singing obscene lyrics in dancehall music will be wiped out because the genre is shifting to a more meaningful message”.

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