Cops forced to buy Zanu cards

Police officers are being forced to acquire the new Zanu (PF) electronic membership cards being sold for $2 each in a bid to boost the party’s dwindling finances.

Charity Charamba
Charity Charamba

The Zimbabwean has been reliably informed that all police officers are in the process of purchasing the cards. According to Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) sources, senior officers have issued orders to police stations instructing staff to purchase the cards.

According to a source, plans are underway for the subscriptions to be deducted by the Salaries Services Bureau (SSB) responsible for processing civil servant salaries.

“We were instructed to buy the cards, and some have already gone to Morris Deport to get them. The cards are mandatory and I bought mine last week because I was on duty when the radio communication came,” said a junior police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The compulsory acquisition of membership cards by police officer effectively means they become active Zanu (PF) members which is a direct violation of Section 219(3) of the constitution which states that ‘the police service must be non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional and subordinate to the civilian authority as established by this constitution.’

“We have been instructed to go to Morris Depot for the Zanu (PF) membership cards. The instruction said we must go there in civilian clothes and not in our police uniforms. Though many people are not happy with the development this is a police force which operates on strict orders which we must comply with,” said another police officer.

“I do not know about it. I am hearing it from you. Let me find out if it is true,” said ZRP national police spokesperson Charity Charamba.

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