In 2007, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Howard barred his national cricket team from touring Zimbabwe. Howard likened Mugabe to Hitler, saying “The Mugabe regime at present is behaving like the Gestapo towards its political opponents, the living standards of the country are probably the lowest of any in the world and you have an unbelievable rate of inflation. I have no doubt if this tour goes ahead it would be an enormous boost to this grubby dictator.”


Fast forward to 2014, the Australian cricket team visited Zimbabwe for the first time in seven years. The result: Zimbabwe beat Australia for the first time since 1983. Despite Mugabe’s tactless speeches, America, EU and its allies have in recent times showed a softening of stance and appear keen to renew relations.

If Australia’s lifting of the cricket ban is a flickering lighthouse, steering Zimbabwe’s economy from rocky waters, Mugabe, nodding off at the wheel, has failed to notice. – Till next week, my pen is capped. Jerà. Twitter @JeraZW

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