Do you agree with Sibanda that a person without liberation war credentials can rule Zimbabwe?

Yes the war was faught to liberate all of us we have rights too. - Simba Siziba

Simba Siziba
Simba Siziba

Everyone is capable to rule Zimbabwe if given the democratic space…I do not take it from this devil incarnate Jabulani Sibanda, but from common sense. – Gain Sibanda

That is the plin and painful truth, Sibanda. Who said these guys are immortal??? Does it mean that if thei ageing generation ceases, then, Zimbabwe ceases to exist? Hezvo ka; with them ruling, Zimbabwe is dysfunctional in every respect. The monobasic ideology of brutallity and tyranny is what we must put a stop to. – Canny Kaeto

Dr Grace Mugabe 2018. – Nyembesi Ngove

The people were better off before “liberation”. – Bill Hawkins

So wen the whole generation of “our liberators” have died, who will lead?? common sense needed !! – SA Chelsea

The so called leaders with war credentials have been in power for over 3 decades what have they achieved?? Nothing!! but only destroying the foundation layed by Smith. – Melusi Tshibale Ncube

Without listening any word from Jabulani sibanda common sense detects that at one time we are also going to die on separate day and times,at one time also the generation of the war vets is going to come to pass,that means the remaining bornfrees will still lead our beautiful country .In leadership confines the mettle of a good leader is exihibited by his ability to lead,leading is all about listening to other people,views and practically put them into action. – Armstrong Mateke Tekes

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