Do you think Grace will help Mnangagwa to triumph over Mai Mujuru?

Grace Mugabe wld lead Zim mark my words. - Lucia Monzi

Lucia Monzi
Lucia Monzi

Let them finish what they started which is Destroying & looting our beloved country but they must alwayz know that nothing on earth will stay forever. – Melusi Tshibale Ncube

Both are as dangerous as each other. Very sad that a country that started with such a bright future under Mugabe has turned into a basket case! One man has destroyed his people! – Michael Hall

Grace wil never help mnangangwa, she is clever, she knows that a thug wil never change kkkkkk kwaaaaa. – Sikhangezile Page

Mugabe nekagen’a kake iboko haram ngavaurayane ndozvavajaira kuda kuuraisa vanhu vacina mhosva vachinzi endai muno vota kuvotera matuzvi iwaya. – Annastacia Watyoka

Dr Grace Mugabe is jùs a Mnangagwa pawn. Yes, Mnangagwa is poised to grab the presidency. – Joel Mutasa

Under bob its imposible,bob wont retire until death’mark my words’. – Joe Glen

Worse than Mugabe. – Kusasa Dzovani

Yes it is being said as if Dr Mugabe is working with him and it’s clear too that Joice Mujuru is aware of the move. – @ConorMWalsh

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