Do you think the government can get serious about under-utilised farm land?

Not this Zanu govt which is ever politicking. They might ponder on it but doing so is another thing since patronage determined land allocation so the fear to lose votes will hinder the implementation of such. - Melody Shirichena Shumba

 Melody Shirichena Shumba
Melody Shirichena Shumba

Its a recipe for disaster , and likely will cause more chaos and war than solve the problem. ZANU pf is in charge of this country surely bringing back white farmers to partner new farmers on a 50%-50% share ownership will help. White will never colonise us again in this day and age but will help feed the nation. – Freedom Zimbabwe

The Chinese will end up owning Zimbabwe. They already own Mugabe. – Bill Hawkins

90 % of the commercial farm land under utilized. – Shepherd WaMasedze

The Zpf mafia is not serious at all, had they been serious they would have given the new farmers bankable title deeds instead of lease agreement permits. To produce, farmers need access to capital thru collateral agreements. – Gain Sibanda

If most of the farms are under-utilised, surely that reflects the lack of funds on the part of the farmers, something they should not be punished for. – Katrin Wilson

And what about all the ARDA estates lying idle? They need to utilise those first! – @TiChitsinde

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