Do you think the MDC should remove some of the powers of the Secretary General’s position to avoid further breakaways in future?

A breakaway is a result of a differance be it opinion, philosophy, course of action or any way but definately not anything to do with the secretary general's power. Power corrupts, what gurrantee is there that the president wont abuse those powers. Ana Komichi ngavabude pachena - Benard Gambe

Benard Gambe
Benard Gambe

The mdc is trying to divert pple's attention from the real bone of contention within the party. They want us to believe that the Secretary General's position nd the powers that comes with it is the problem. – Melody Shirichena Shumba

What do you think of the party, the #ZimbabweStar, formed by businessman, Robert Gwarazimba, to support Emmerson Mnangagwa’s succession ambitions? makeke zve – Francis Gumbu

If he is forming a political party then its a baby of Zpf and their splinting is personal. Cant support splinters which got no roots, my view of course.- Jacob Chifire

Obviously its a Ngwena project – Melody Shirichena Shumba

lines hv bñ drawn in Zanu-Bokoharam. – Joel Mutasa

Do you think this new party is a Mnangagwa project? anything to distract attention from ,unemployment,debt, economic disaster and hide ineptitude to deal with it – @MariaZest1

Does Ngwena need a new party? With Amai wenyika bhe is swiftly infiltrating, strangling, taking over in Zanu PF – @ConorMWalsh

Could it be a publicity Co? His own Max Clifford kind of thing drumming up support to swing throne in his favor – @MariaZest1

The crocodile is much more clever than that. I don't think he is directly involved – @gidi_gabriel

He lurks just below the water, watching, waiting, for a tasty little morsel. – @Zimbird

Anyone who thinks 500 members (claimed) is a big number for a political party must be ignored – @CurateZim

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