Do you think the threat of having your property taken, fair exchange for not paying school fees? What other measures would you suggest?

Why are they still paying da fees nd were can the parents get the money while they cant even put food on the table. - Tagwirei Hwati Spiwe

Free Education for all makaitadza – Tendai Sammy Samudzi Fanzisai

Its not a good idea. they will be causing more harm to the families who are already suffering.why cnt they make them work at the school to develop it. – Onisimo Mapaike

that's not justifiable at all – @marlenechiedza

esp when it's for levy. It doesnt make sense – @cchabikwa

all parents know education is not for free and all want their chide to be in school. they want their children 2 hv bettr lives,taking their property is taking their dignity – @marlenechiedza

is that even constitutional? Doesn't the Bill of rights afford the right to an education? – @JohnDoeZW

this is out of order someone has seen an opening there – @garweh2011

taking property for school fees is a criminal act. The so called human rights groups are sleeping on this one! – @BelieveCitizen

I've never had faith in the police. So no faith to be restored! – @BelieveCitizen

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