Do you think the West should continue to give donor funding to Zimbabwe?

No chave chigondora chave chimombe, ukaona chotunga mai chakura. Big no more funds, that money is being misused while we a suffering. - Joe Glen

Joe Glen
Joe Glen

Fools fail to see their own destruction in time. Even if they shout on top of their voices, it won’t make Mugabe 50 years old. Time has reached his limit a younger person in Zanu (PF) must take over. – Freedom Zimbabwe

It’s all about bootlicking Mugabe, actually they stampede to bootlick Bob even though he has ruined our country. – Joel Mutasa

Yes because we cannot stand and provide for ourself and also nothing that is really productive is really happening in Zimbabwe. – Honourable Tanaka Hope Mufandauya

Why is it a failed trip when mega-deals have supposedly been signed with China? – Katrin Wilson

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