Do you think there is no possibility of another party winning the 2018 elections?

MDC is no the only opposition party in Zimbabwe. Some parties sprouted as Zanu (PF) projects. Professor Chan is oblivious of what is on the ground in Zimbabwe. His analysis is too pessimistic. UCAD is coming home and can not be cowed into the Zanu tracks which are full of tricks. - Canny Kaeto

The problem is professor Chan and some foreign based analyst are not privy to ongoings within the Zimbabwean political arena exept that when they talk of opposition they mean the fragmented MDC fogetting not realising there is a formidable Transform Zimbabwe(TZ) which is a government in waiting. – Melody Shirichena Shumba

This time around Mugabe might be defeated by his false election promises.The economic hardship is taking its toll on the voters.we do not expect Mugabe to continue cheating and rigging. Is professor Chan aware of the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe or he may be reading from the Zimbabwe herald. 2018 is too far away to predict – Moyo Bhowasi

Professor Chan is entitled to his opinion. Mugabe have been defeated more than once by Tsvangirai – Moyo Bhowasi

Thus a mistake, the military junta will simply not salute any winning candidate who is not Zanu pf, no matter how resounding he won. The results would be subverted in daylight. Its the bullet not ballot. – Gain Sibanda

Zanu PF is well aware of Tsvangirai's weaknesses that they won't lose sleep as he continues towards self destruction. The MDC-T announcement that they will not contest in the next election unless reforms are put in place is in fact an admission that they are already beaten before the ball has been kicked. – Huggla Caprice

Huggla Caprice
Huggla Caprice

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