Do you think this is a political conferment?

heheeheeee , zvakatangira kumaballot box, nhasi vavekurigga madegree. - Rogamo Mutsva

now an incompetent institution – Tendayi Muchineripi

You will be so proud when no other country will not recognize your credentials and it will be your business when you are unemployed because you are carrying a Zimbabwean degree – Bonani N Siphambili Noko

Mugabe is degrading & making our education system a laughing stock. – Joel Mutasa Robert

She couldn't qualify as a witch doctor. Lol lol – Norma Craven

Norma Craven
Norma Craven

She can dream, I suppose…hahaha. Gucci Grace, the next Vampire of Zim, sucking everyones blood dry, even more than now. Dis-Grace-ful!! – Natalie Dove

Dr G Mugabe congratulations Grace some of us r proud – Siya Maphosa

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