Do you think vendors should be taxed?

A dollar a day is just too much for a vendor. It can be the whole day’s profit. Its now like a tick sucking blood from a flea. It does not end well. - Webster Chiweshe

Webster Chiweshe
Webster Chiweshe

Tave parumananzombe vatadza kupedza urombo zano rimwe rasara kutopedza varombo vacho. – Ahshywhell Mudadigwa

This is madness, cnt believe this, how can you tax someone who is selling tomatoes, hurumende iya yazokundikana manje varume… – Charles Sau Banda

If used for a good cause, otherwise you robbing the poor. – @princie8

No! They don’t provide any services for these people. It’s a “hut tax’ by another name. – @Zimbird

Vending constitute trade and investment.vendors shld file tax returns to Zimra. – @SedtTheGenius

Vendors nid to b educated on Refunds, presumptive taxes, deductions. Dn’t jus take thre monies. – @SedtTheGenius

What’s so unfair in taxing vendors is that they don’t even get the benefit of primary abatement available to formal sector. – @Zimbird

Can someone remind our Gvt that it was a Vendor that ignited Egyptian chaos. – @RasMankindDiv

Taxing vendors is like stealing from the poor, vendors are already struggling. – @lykmoo

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