Dr Grace

The chatter surrounding the First Lady’s PhD – genuine or unearned – has not subsided. To break the ice in a doctor’s waiting room, one only has to mention ‘cheap-cheap UZ degrees.’ When Mugabe’s PR team engineered a degree for the First Lady, they must have overlooked the sophistication of Zimbabweans – 94% literacy, least we forget. Zimbabweans continue to ask questions, two weeks days after Grace Mugabe, without showing any shame, walked up to h

How did she manage to complete a doctorate in two months? For the ordinary citizen, what is the point of enduring 4years of undergrad, two years for Masters and another three to seven years for a PhD if one can obtain a doctorate by ‘kiya-kiya?’

What example are Robert and Grace setting for their children and the nation as a whole?

A few have defended the First Lady – for a sack of maize seed and a bag of ammonium nitrate fertiliser, you can buy your own fan club – stating that she diligently and quietly went about doing her degree work. But Grace is anything but quiet. Without anyone’s prompting, she picked up a microphone and announced to the whole world that her daughter was a virgin. And when silence would have been the best defence, she recently said deputy minister Fortune Chasi was harassing her over land she had acquired for her orphanage.

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