Drunken neighbour

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am renting a full house in one of the suburbs in the capital and there is a bachelor who rents a cottage there. The guy is a problem, he is a drunkard who is always bringing different friends over the weekend, playing loud music and making noise. We have tried talking to him several times about it but he won't change. We have no power to evict him since we are both lodgers. How do we deal with him please? – Mrs Chakwenya

Dear Mrs Chakwenya

The only suitable way to deal with this young man is to engage your landlord who has a strong voice to tell him to change his ways, or make him leave. Talking to him seems a complete waste of time. Stop trying to talk to him otherwise one day it may turn nasty and someone gets hurt, speak to the authorities, someone in charge of the house and ask him to handle the situation. – Aunty Lisa

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