Govt to eject Masvingo occupiers

As chaos rages on in farms in Masvingo province the government has agreed to forcibly relocate at least 265 families who are currently occupying farms owned by senior government and ruling party officials. Government sources said that those to be relocated had invaded the farms before 2004.

The provincial administrator, Felix Chikovo
The provincial administrator, Felix Chikovo

It has also emerged that thousands of people who moved on to the farms after 2004 will be chased away as they are considered to be illegal farm invaders.

Masvingo provincial lands committee last week resolved to forcibly relocate those currently occupying black-owned farms, amid reports that the affected families are resisting eviction.

The provincial administrator, Felix Chikovo, confirmed the Development and said land had already been identified for resettlement. “We have agreed as the land committee to relocate 265 families in the province before October this year,” he said. “For those who just came onto the farms after 2004 the government will just chase them away and order them to return to their original homes.” Some of the war veterans have since vowed to resist the government’s relocation exercise, arguing that it was just meant to protect multiple farm owners and Zanu (PF) big wigs.

“We cannot allow to be relocated in order to perpetuate corruption,” said a war veteran only identified as Everight.

“The only logical thing to do is for government to relocate those farm owners to new areas and leave the majority of people to continue with their farming activities,” he added.

The move by the state to relocate 265 families follows disturbances on farms in Masvingo east commercial farming area in early August, which nearly claimed the life of Mufaro Mukaro a war veteran who was attacked by fellow war veterans over a land dispute.

The government has ordered a stop to fresh farm seizures and advised those occupying black owned farms to vacate them.

The affected families claim that they moved on to the properties during the height of farm invasions but were shocked to learn that the properties they were occupying had been given to senior government officials with strong links to Zanu (PF).

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