Khabo to release anti-poaching single

Acclaimed traditional musician Njabulo 'Khabo MazVee' Mnkandla has joined the fight against wildlife crime with the release of a single entitled Stop Rhino and Elephant Poaching.

Khabo has a message for poachers and for the people behind the poaching industry.
Khabo has a message for poachers and for the people behind the poaching industry.

The single condemns some top politicians who pretend to be champions of anti-poaching while actually being involved in it themselves.

“It’s sad that those whom we believe should solve poaching problems are in fact the same people who are benefiting from this evil system that is destroying our nature,” Mnkandla told The Zimbabwean in an interview recently.

“Our top army officials, politicians and government officials are behind poaching. We are losing a lot of elephants and rhinos, but nothing is done.

“If you follow cases of arrested poachers, you will discover that they are arrested this week and two weeks down the line are out of prison,” added Mbkandla. “Who could have got them out if there were no senior officials involved?

“This should stop if we want a bright future in which our grandchildren also have chance to experience life with elephants and rhinos around them.” He said that his single would educate poachers about the harm they do.

“Through the music, I will be trying to help poachers understand the importance of preserving our nature. They have to understand that, while they may need money now, our future is also important. They should understand how they are being used by senior officials while they suffer consequences,” he added.

The 36-year-old mechanic-turned-musician, who runs a car repair garage in Hillbrow, near Central Johannesburg, first broke into the music scene in 1995.

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