MDC-T Renewal Team empowers rural communities

The MDC-T Renewal Team recently distributed over 1,000 chickens and stock-feed to women of ward 7, Headlands, under a programme aimed at empowering rural communities.

Elton Mangoma
Elton Mangoma

The donation distributed last Friday by the MDC-T Renewal Team deputy treasurer, Elton Mangoma, was sourced by individual party members.

Mangoma told the beneficiaries that the project was part of the party’s response to Zanu (PF)’s failure to provide jobs and uplifting communities despite its promises during the 2013 election campaign.

“Victims of political violence across the country whose houses and livelihoods were destroyed by Zanu (PF) since 1999 would benefit from the scheme,” said Mangoma.

Mangoma revealed that the diversified project would assist with school fees, uniforms for affected children and building material.

Assistance towards acquiring identification documents would also be provided. According to Mangoma, beneficiaries would be drawn from across the political divide.

It is important that communities form small livelihood projects, Mangoma noted, since Zanu (PF) had shown leadership failure by failing to provide employment, uplifting the livelihoods of the ordinary people and assisting as government of the day victims of political violence.

Mangoma bemoaned the ‘ongoing shutting down of companies resulting in people failing to cope since the economy is not performing’. The beneficiaries promised to do their best and make the project a success.

Jacob Mafume, the MDC-T Renewal Team spokesperson, said thousands members of his party were business and working people willing to share their earnings with the marginalised.

Tendai Biti, interim leader of the Renewal Team, last June said: “We have mobilised financial aid for all victims of political violence.”

Zanu (PF) was blamed for the political violence which left hundreds of suspected MDC supporters dead, maimed, displaced or homeless.

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