MDC-T’s Harvest House under Anti-riot Police surveillance

Anti-riot Police have put MDC-T Headquarters, Harvest House, under close surveillance in anticipation of civil unrest promised by party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

MDC-T Headquarters, Harvest House
MDC-T Headquarters, Harvest House

Pockets of police in anti-riot gear have been deployed at Corner Angwa Street and Nelson Mandela Avenue, some 30 metres from the entrance to Harvest House, while another team is at Corner First Street and Nelson Mandela Avenue.

Other police mobile teams are driving around the city centre with some on foot patrols at both the Africa and Unity Squares.

The youthful police seemingly not confident of themselves are monitoring activities of MDC-T members gathered at Harvest House for a party restructuring exercise. “I do not know why police are guarding us like that.

“Maybe they anticipate looming demonstrations by disgruntled citizens demanding jobs and better service from the Zanu (PF) government,” said MDC-T spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora.

Mwonzora said the demonstrations would spring off anytime. Tsvangirai, MDC-T President, told over 15 000 of his party supporters at Mucheke Stadium, Masvingo, last Saturday that the time to rise against Mugabe was now.

He urged Zimbabweans to engage in street protests against the Zanu (PF) government which “failed to provide jobs and rescue the economy from the free fall.” “We are suffering and going back to the old days.

“It is our constitutional right to demonstrate, and we should do that. If we are going to be arrested, we are prepared to fill the country’s jails,” Tsvangirai told the huge gathering at the party’s 15th anniversary.

MDC-T youths have so far carried out three mass protests for jobs in Harare.

The demonstrations were met with police heavy handedness living scores of youth either arrested or injured.

Mugabe promised youth 2.2 million jobs but contrally to the campaign gimmick, thousands of workers have since lost employment as companies continued to shutdown.

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