MDC Veterans comes to the rescue of political violence victim

St- Peters- The MDC Veterans Activists Association (VAA) have embarked on a country wide re- construction exercise of houses for its members who lost houses and property in politically motivated violence since the party’s inception in 1999.

VAA consist of victims of political violence and stalwarts who have been active in the party since 1999 The housing programme was launched in St Peters peri urban near Bulawayo last week at the homestead of Regina Ndlovu, one of the eight MDC –T activists whose houses were burnt by Zanu (PF) supporters during the run up to the 2002 and 2008 elections.

Ndlovu, a widow looking after her four children and other girl child whom she adopted in area has been living a near destitute life since her huts were burnt by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters during the run up to the 2002 Presidential elections.

“Since my huts were burnt by Zanu (PF) supporters, life has been very hard for me and my family. Everything including all my documents and blankets were burnt by the people all whom I know. What pains me most is that these people have not been arrested and they boast that they can even repeat this heinous action if I continue supporting MDC “said Ndlovu in an interview with The Zimbabwean.

Ndlovu is the MDC –T ward organising secretary for the area. Following the destruction of her property, Ndlovu and her children now sleep in a tiny hut with no bed and one blanket.

VAA last week launched the housing project at Ndlovu’s homestead where a two bed roomed structure is already under construction. Speaking at the launch, VAA Secretary General Charles Musimiki accused the MDC –T leadership of living luxurious lives while its foot soldiers are suffering because of their allegiance to the party.

“VAA is solely behind Morgan Tsvangirai but by embarking on this programme we are shacking his back to say baba (father) your are forgetting your people. We want to remind the party’s leadership that when a player is injured you do not abandon the player but you take him to the stretcher because you want that player to be nursed and continue to play again” said Musimiki.

Musimiki urged the party’s leadership to sacrifice resources for the welfare of its supporters. “It is bad that some of our leaders drive posh cars and stay in expensive suburbs such as Borrow dale but they cannot spare few dollars to assist their members who are in Regina’s dire situation. We are tired of the excuse that the party does not have money. It does not take much to assist these people who sacrificed their lives a lot” he said.

Musimiki said the association decided to mobilise its own resources from members to start the project after realising that most victims of political violence were living in miserable lives. The secretary general said VAA is going to build a similar demonstration house in each province in the next few months before rolling out a full scale housing programme for all those members whose houses were destroyed.

VAA also announced its new executive chaired by South Africa based Victor Zunza. Other executive members include former Chegutu executive mayor Francis Dhlakama, Felix Mafa and former Hurungwe legislator Severiro Chambati.

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