Monster-in-law problems

Dear Aunty Lisa

My mother-in-law has been a complete nuisance to me, she wants to turn me into a slave with household chores. I am not employed and that is her reason for this abuse as she argues that “we do not need a maid because we can manage the work around the house.” And by we she refers to me since she has never helped me with the work.

We are living together with the in-laws at their family home and I have never had any problems with cleaning the big house and doing all that needed to be done. But now I am six months pregnant and feel I need help around the house not only now but when the baby comes too. I am visibly pregnant and she has obviously seen me struggling to bend down – but she is always telling my husband that finding a maid would be a waste of his money since “we” are managing. I am tired sick of her ill-treatment and I don’t know what to do. Please help. – Ndai

Dear Ndai

While it is good to help out around the house, you do not want to put your health and your unborn baby at risk by overworking yourself for unpaid work. Explain this situation to your husband and explain to him how you are being overwhelmed with housework alone without any help, he needs to know how abusive the environment has become for his beloved wife.

He needs to get you someone to help with work and it is time he learns to convince his mother of decisions he needs to make. Your living set-up is not healthy for your relationship, you need to move out and have your own space that you can be free and make your own decisions, otherwise there is a serious clash of interest where you are looking forward to see your husband making favourable decisions while his mother is hoping to keep controlling the man she raised. Find your own space. – Aunty Lisa

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