Mugabe returned from his recent trip to China empty handed. At least Africa’s most famous shopper, Grace and the enfant terrible, Chatunga got to enjoy the ride.

Kufuze uyise. - Mthulisi Ndebele

Mthulisi Ndebele
Mthulisi Ndebele

Ma1 aya atanga. – Givemore Kapfumvuti

Hamuna nyaya, madi manyarara????!!!!!!!!!!!! – Blessing T Meki

Where are the mega deals? Or its just a mega propaganda? – Gain Sibanda

China doesn’t gìv mnéy to corrupt elements. – Joel Mutasa

Too much criticism…..kungoda kutsvaga nyaya chete. – Virjo Mufaro – Wisdom Machenjera

The Empire is haunted & cursed by the cries of desperate Zimbos, Vingeance belongs to God & He will rescue the suffering masses. – Melusi Tshibale Ncube

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