Mugabe throwing rocks at the White House

President Mugabe will make a rare trip to New York when he attends the UN summit of 23 September. After that ‘shame, shame, shame’ speech the entire nation is already cringing in anticipation of his next tactless outburst.

When he expected cash from China, all he received was monopoly money. If there was anybody with courage in Zanu (PF) this would be the time to strongly advise the President that he will benefit more from having allies rather than enemies. The West has recently made conciliatory gestures, indicating a willingness to reengage Mugabe. The President should put aside personal pride for the good of the nation. Nobody is expecting him to apologize or retract his past insults. All he needs to do, in order to mend relations, is just for once present an inoffensive address at the UN.

But with only a fortnight remaining before the UN summit, Mugabe has already begun to throw stones at the windows of the White House.

Mugabe was addressing traditional chiefs when he said, ‘it is your support which makes me – physically small as I am – feared by the likes of Obama… whenever we attended summits, they would always avoid me.’

Obama has at his disposal a fleet of drones, capable of obliterating his opponents without even sending a single soldier. America has a GDP of $16,8trillion – proper trillions, not to be confused with Gideon Gono’s trillion dollar bearer cheques. President Mugabe has obviously mistaken a cold-shoulder to mean fear.

Perhaps what outwardly looks like bravado – a drowning mouse tugging at the lion’s whiskers – is really a cry for help.

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