Nations unite in youth drama

Kuenda Productions premieres a play entitled Twenty-Fifteen in partnership with the Zimbabwe German Society and the Alliançe Francaise on September 19 at the University of Zimbabwe.

The multi-discipline performance will see 17 artists and directors drawn from Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Germany, Uganda and France unite on stage in a music-dance-theatre performance.

Written by the Sierra Leone born author Olufemi Terry, Twenty-Fifteen is combining many voices answering questions of a young generation regarding to growing up, being friends, sharing ideas, deciding what to do after school.

The development of the story follows a visit by the author to Harare earlier this year to get an experience of how it feels to be a young person in Africa and also in Europe. In December 2013 Kuenda Productions with the help of the Zimbabwe German Society and Jibilika Dance Trust auditioned and identified Zimbabwean artists to be part of the play among them popular musician Hope Masike, Tumbuka dancer Maylene Chenyeraji, beatboxer Probeatz, Yeukai Zinyoro from Rolx Dance group, comedian Clive Chigubu from Bulawayo, NAMA award winning actor Tafadzwa Hananda and other dancers like Tanaka Lionel Roki and Kelvin Campbell of the ZimFlava group.

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