OPINION by Jera: But will Zimbabwe forget about 20,000 lives that were snuffed out without compunction?'

Will the old release power ,I doubt much coz I noticed something when his wife took the card for a higher position in women's league - Collen Matanda

Collen Matanda
Collen Matanda

Its good that she went there and shared the pain that they felt then, but iscelo sami kuye sithi makeze kithi kuGwaai and address us and share the pain that we felt when we lost ous gogos, mothers, sisters, aunties, brothers, uncles, fathers and our khuluz due to a man made disuster called Gukurahundi. No one got some councelling and we still we still see izipoko of the people who where killed there but never belonged in our are. – Mandlag Mbho

Let Mujuru & Mnangagwa outwit each but Mugabe myt spring a major surprise by appointing Sydney Sekeramai as his successor. – Joel Mutasa

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