OPINION by #Jera: 'President Mugabe will make a rare trip to New York when he attends the UN summit of 23 September. After that ‘shame, shame, shame’ speech the entire nation is already cringing in anticipation of his next tactless outbur

An idiotic despot with an idiotic population that continues to support him! A perfectly good country that now lies in ruins. - Harmoni Mangat

Obama is not scared of Mu-garbage..kkkkk. He refused to show him any respect, because this Dictator does not deserve any. He should not even be allowed to go to this meeting. Rot in hell Mugabe! You deserve nothing better. – Natalie Dove

Mugabe has committed the most horrific acts of genocide and too many other criminal acts to mention! He should be arrested and tried in the International courts not attend meetings! #Mugabesucks – Amanda Robertson

Another shopping trip for Bob with his looted doe. Shame for the good people in Zim ! – Robert George Martin

The man or woman that eventually takes this horrible evil Mugabe out, and forces him to meet his maker, and all those angry souls that will be waiting for him, that person would be celebrated forever more! You would be an instant legend! And we could all dance then, untill our feet are sore – Natalie Dove

Blind ignorance all round, the whole system is corrupt and needs to be destroyed from grass roots up. Like burning the velt grassland to rejuvenate life and growth. Until that happens Zimbabwe will turn to dust – Mark Petersen

Reading these comments and like wow, some of us on here take things too far.first of all no-one has the right to wish death on another! Its God who makes such decisions. And yes Mugabe could have done things differently and yes Zimbabwe is in ruins but we shouldn't forget why all this started to begin with.prior to the landreform program, there was still major inequality in zim. The majority of farms were owned by white people.. (this isnt about colour,I'm getting to a point)….anyway, black Zimbabweans were still in poverty all mugabe wanted to do was redistribute the Zimbabwean land 'EQUALLY'. Meaning that both white and black Zimbabwean would have an opportunity to be equal for once. so why should the British and America be allowed to interfere In matters that do not concern them? had it been the other way round,Mugabe would have been hailed a hero but because for once a true leader has remained steadfast in what he believes belongs to the African people all of a sudden his public enemy number one?? Lol…wake up people.do ur own research.and all those that wish hell upon him only wish hell upon their own souls cos only God makes that call… – Ruth Mutasa

Ruth Mutasa
Ruth Mutasa

Americans will never like someone who oppose their foreign policy. You should be surbodinate to the US for you to be a goodboy. Once you try to justify your existence then you become a dictator or worse still a terrorist. Look at what happened to Saddham and Gaddaffi. They were once good friends of the Yankies but once they started going the opposite direction and refusing with oil they were simple murdered. Right now both countries are burning whilst America and its accimplices are busy stealing oil in the two countries. They are not even ashamed because they thrive on looting from weak nations in the name of fighting terrorism which in all instances is their own creation. While Mugabe may be a bad person.the Americans are worse than Mugabe. – Israel Makaza

Doesnt he understand that they dont ignore him from fear, they dont LIKE him.- Sharon Sheppard-Gibson

Let the Americans live their better lives, we don't, what Zim needs is Mugabe to stay as long as he can – Lucia Monzi

Ruth be honest with yourself for once, the majority of black Zimbabweans are poorer now than they ever were before the flushing out of white Zimbabweans and the so called "land reforms", firms shut down and unemployment intensified. If you are that rich as a result of all that, its either your family was one of the thieving ones that benefited from stollen farms and i bet today those farms are lying barren when the nation is in hunger. If not then why are you living in diaspora? Face the truth, you make me sick. There never was fair distribution of land, and if there was, why was it given to individuals who had no idea about farming? Why did the country's economy suffer so much if what was done was just and fair. Wake up from that dreamland of yours and smell the coffee. – Thembi Sibanda Ndlovu

Never given a thought for the people of Zimbabwe & never will. It has always been about the selfish ego of himself. He has & continues to make history of himself of the most idiotic & evil head of State on the Planet – Pearl Alfred

Only the women have the power to bring peace. We are nurturers by nature. In every tribe, around the world, if the women say No and stand together, it's a no go. It is fact – Natalie Dove

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