PRESS STATEMENT by the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange advises all Stakeholders that contract negotiations referred to in our press statement dated 17 January 2014 have been successfully concluded on Wednesday 19 March 2014 the Zimbabwean Stock Exchange signed the contract for the supply and installation of the Capizar ATS product by Infotech Middle East FZ LLC.

On 31 July 2013 we announced the appointment of Central depository Settlement Company of Mauritius (CDSM Ltd) as our consultant to the automation project. The consultants have since successfully guided us through the tender and vendor selection processes.

The coming on board of Infotech and their expertise places The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in a good position for a safe and successful implementation.

The immediate next steps are the study of the local environment, and the gap analysis to be carried out by the Vendor in order for us to finalise the project plans. These limited activities will be followed by the procurement of computer hardware and construction of the data centre itself. We are expecting that in three to four months’ time, the project will be in the training and acceptance testing stages with the final live date being our target within a period of 6 months from now.

The market will continue to be updated as the project progresses.

A. D. Chirume

Chief Executive Officer

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