Renewal Team must be clear about July 2013 elections

EDITOR - “We call upon progressive members of SADC to do the right thing and come out in the open in condemning the electoral farce that we saw in Zimbabwe on July 31,” the MDC- Renewal Team are quoted as having said in document submitted to SADC, according to Wibert Mukora.


On the other hand, Jacob Mafume, the MDC Renewal Spokesperson is reported to have said that demands for fresh elections are “idiotic” since Zimbabweans “clearly” voted for Zanu (PF) last year and rivals must now focus on explaining to the electorate how they fell for the President Robert Mugabe’s “snake oil salesman” tactics as he fails to deliver on his promises.

Tendai Biti must come out in the open as to his actual position regarding the July 31, 2013 elections. Earlier in March is was quoted praising Zanu (PF) for the way in which t ran its 2013 election campaign, only to renege on his earlier statement after a bit of public pressure. While he seemed to want to blame Zanu (PF) for election theft in his letter to SADC, he seems to have instructed his spokesperson Mafume to stick to his original message that Zanu (PF) won the election free and fair.

I wonder what SADC who he wrote about the stolen election are saying with such mixed messages from the same party.

I have lost all respect for Tendai Biti and his Renewal Project. One begins to believe, rightly or wrongly, that the Renewal Project is a Zanu (PF) project. What remains unclear is whether Tendai Biti has been on the side of the people since the formation of the MDC, or was a mole planted into the party by Zanu (PF) to destroy the party from within.

Tendai Biti certainly has a lot to explain to the people of Zimbabwe who he and his friends have hoodwinked into supporting their Renewal Project. – Kennedy Kaitano, Mutare

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