SA-based rapper tries Zim-dancehall

South African-based Zimbabwean hip-hop artist Roger Hukuimwe has embarked on an experimental phase resulting in the release of his debut Zim-dancehall single - Fyah Linx.

Better known as Pitygritty, he showcases his versatility in the potentially explosive single likely to send chills down the spine of Zim-dancehall artists.

The single was produced and engineered by Dokta Gluco and Munluik of Daily Bread Records in Highfields high density suburb of Harare.

“I wanted to try out something new to show my versatility in music. When I first heard the new era of Zim-dancehall, I said to myself this is it. When I go to Zim(babwe) I will make a plan to organise a dancehall track. The rest is history,” he told The Zimbabwean.

“I’m not completely switching (to Zim-dancehall) but I will make more dancehall tracks from time to time. I believe in catchy music, the music that sticks in your mind after listening to it a few times.

Catchy music also leads to more hits (views or plays or clicks for a song online).

“If I stayed in Harare, the guys at Daily Bread Records would see me at their spot at least twice or thrice a month. There would be many more dancehall tracks,” he said.

Pitygritty said despite being rap artist he did not face challenges in recording the track as he was familiar with dancehall sound having grown up listening to reggae-dancehall music.

He was upbeat that this move would not disappoint his loyal rap fan, who are used to his versatility.

The Pretoria-based lyricist has been receiving significant recognition in the rap music industry in South Africa. He was among 10 best newcomers in Mzansi after making a noisy entrance in the international music scene two years ago, and was recently voted as the best newcomer in South Africa’s leading hip-hop magazine – Hype.

This comes after the crunchy beat rapper dominated music charts in some SA radio stations. He first made his big break with his mix-tape – “Comin’ At Ya, Live and Direct,” in 2010 before releasing his debut self-titled album last year.

The mix-tape received favourable radio airplay on YFM and 5FM. It carried a hit single called “Hello,” which shot up to number one on YFM. Having made such commendable progress, Pitygritty said he would carry on developing his record label, What We Drop Entertainment. He co-founded the label with his brother Curtis Wandaz in 2009.

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