Symptom of HIV?

Dear Aunty Lisa

My private part is terribly itchy, especially the pubic hair. It has been nearly a week now and it happened since I slept with my new boyfriend. Funny enough he is the one who had that habit of scratching his private parts, he would even do that in my presence while talking to me.

I felt it would offend him if I had asked why he does that but now I am afraid I am doing it too. I am just 23years old and I don’t know much about how HIV shows itself out, just hoping it’s not it. But can it be one of the symptoms? – Shami

Dear Shami

You need to see a doctor urgently my dear. You do not want to keep a disease and wait until it is serious. I do not think it is HIV but the only sexually transmitted disease fitting that description is pubic louse and you need to get treated for it. Also convince your boyfriend to see a doctor too.

You will probably be requested to shave your pubic hair and treat it with some substance from the clinic if it is louse. Yes it can be terribly itchy and you would end up scratching even in public, if you are not doing it already. Get treatment as quickly as possible and please next time there is something like this you don’t understand of a partner, do not hesitate to get him to explain. You don’t want to risk your life all because of avoiding offending the next person. – Aunty Lisa

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