Tensions high as CIO interferes with SRC election

Tensions are high at Bindura state University following allegations that the Central Intelligence Organisation interfered with the recent Student Representative Council elections, in a bid to impose the pro-Zanu (PF) student body at the institution.

Bindura state University
Bindura state University

Bindura State University conducted SRC elections on September 19 which pitted candidates from the Zimbabwe National Students Union, against those from the Zanu (PF) affiliated Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union.

The CIO allegedly manipulated the electoral process by way of intimidations and disqualifications of ZINASU candidates.

ZINASU, a militant student representative body, is widely suspected by state security agents to be sympathetic to MDC.

Regerai Mangwiro, a ZINASU treasury candidate was disqualified from the contest and other candidates reportedly face expulsion from the institution.

“As ZINASU, we condemn the CIO involvement in student politics and call apon Bindura University to urgently create a conducive environment for free and fair elections.

“Students are citizens of Zimbabwe who have the right to belong to a political party of their choice,” said Avoid Masiraha, ZINASU spokesperson.

Masiraha said the CIO was out to demoralise ZINASU whose policies resonated with the majority of Zimbabwe students.

According to Masiraha, it was a violation of the constitution for the institution to disqualify a student on the basis of his affiliation to a political party of his choice.

Ever since the electoral process started, Masiraha said, ZINASU candidates have been playing hide and seek with the CIO and Zanu (PF) supporters.

Sources at the institution revealed to The Zimbabwean that the outcome of the September 19 SRC election were yet to be made public, raising fears that the CIO was rigging them since ZINASU could have won.

“The results were supposed to be made public immediately after counting but suspiciously no one knows the outcome some nine days down the line,” said an administrative source.

Meanwhile, ZINASU has threatened to disregard the election outcome and put in place an interim SRC executive, until the University take necessary procedures to guarantee free and fail polls.

The Zanu (PF) government fears student activism since most of the MDC think tank was a product of tertiary education student politics.

The Zimbabwean could not get comment from Bindura State University by the time of going to press.

Mugove Arnold Chisvo, ZICOSU National Vice President, said was not in a position to comment on the developments ‘since I have just arrived from outside the country’.

He referred this reporter to one Tonde at the Bindura University, who also did not pick hid mobile.

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