What should Chidhakwa do to overhaul operations in Marange in order to promote sustainable mining of these diamonds?

Ndopounoona mumwe munhu achiuraya mumwe wake tsvee kuuraya maCHINA apfuma nediamond renyu mxaa. - Emmily Magozore

Emmily Magozore
Emmily Magozore

U say Zim will neva b a colony again but here u r sayin u wnt to giv them our land. Investin isnt bringin ur whole family build a firm n employ them thats invadin. Can somebody remind these guys hw many Zims r in China as compared to chinese in Zim. Wait n c in no tym Zim z gonna b another beijing. – Tau Ron Mzongo WaKenny

Ilegal pannin z wrong yes but its a blessin in disguise coz the land really benefits indegenous ppo wat otorities shld do z to giv these ppo equipments n a legal market. Wat i hate z to c chinese owned n employed company n for u to understand u nid an interpreter wats the difference lobengula era. Invest not invade.understand invest n invade ur honour. Legalise pannin u employ those who own the land. – Tau Ron Mzongo WaKenny

Once the Chinese take control there shouldn’t be any issues. Of course they will bring in their own workers – their plan is coming together. Mugabe has always been for ‘himself’ and never the majority. Oh well, Grace will be in the driving seat soon – more money for her to go shopping all over the world – again! Happy panning, for now! – Lee Janjetich-Holden

Just don’t understand how a purppoted democratically elected gvt with well articulated blueprints like zimasset can fail to deal with such a simple issue. like always and ad infinitum zanu pf is not sincere in its dealings, those guys never speak with one voice. there are obviously other guys with a hand in these illegal mining operations. if Chindori was alive he would testify this and am sure its one reason why he is late, Chidhakwa has to be carefull as well. – Dady Mhungu

You outsider stay outside pliz, the panners have the right to panning for a living, no ‘illegal’ in the activity. The problem is Zanu Mugabe which you outsiders put on the chair in 1980 as your puppet and until nw he is against the black majority in Zimbabwe. – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

Speaking as an outsider, I would suggest that if the workers had decent working and living conditions, and were unionised, the amount of illegal panning would decrease dramatically. It isn’t rocket science. – Katrin Wilson

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