Whatsapp Comment “…Wake up Tsvangirai and lead by example.” Jessica Johns Makwayeti, Harare, Zimbabwe. Do you feel the same?

Absollutely NO !!!, what about pre-independence promises then ??????? - Tafadzwa Dzapasi

Tafadzwa Dzapasi
Tafadzwa Dzapasi

MDC has no money Tsvangirai will not have much either. If he was part of a government in control he could use country resources to better the people. His funds will never be enough even if he moves to Mabvuku and donate the rest. Also donating publicly is not good as you hear from this story, it tends to draw comparisons. Your donation will be a bad taste to others and sweet to those who benefited. – Freedom Zimbabwe

Some things are gud to be left unsaid coz u ar just critisize, so who cares about victims? Mugabe? Yaz i dnt see any sense in ur comment. – Melusi Tshibale Ncube

No. Wat about the election job promises by the current regime? – David Mavi

Typical of that ilk. No one is surprised. I do feel sorry for the millions who were promised everything, and now are much worse off than pre 1980. Karma? – Lee Janjetich-Holden

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