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Zanu (PF) yakundikana kutonga. The economy is down. Shame on you Zanu (PF)-N Magona-South Africa

Isu maZimbabwe tisu takajaidza Mugabe ne Zanu (PF) kuita zvavanoda. Hatdzidze zvinoita dzimwe nyika. Hatina kudyiswa naMugabe apera basa. Vanhu vari kuba mari pachena asi Mugabe haana zvaari kuita nazvo. Vana weZimbabwe tatambudzika-Noel Mapfumo, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Mugabe must leave office but I would like to thank him for his cruelty which has caused us this suffering. Zimbabweans continue to flee their country like fugitives because of your heartlessness-Mavusani Vusa, South Africa

Handirwadziwe kugara outside my country nekuti handingatambure ndichiona kuti nyika yoparadzwa nemaZanu. Saka sarai murugare ini ndawe ne new life kuno-Emmigrant K, South Africa

Even if the Constitution says Joice Mujuru takes over should Mugabe fail to pull through to 2018, the big sharks in Zanu (PF) and the military will not allow her to lead the country-Stanley Chiramba, Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

It is a correct observation that university invariably defines itself through the manner and basis upon which it grants members of the public university degrees. Whose funeral does that become in the end, if say a neighbour commits suicide? Similarly what is this frequently repeated nonsensical noise about party factions created by persons hoping to by-pass national popular sentiment and secure the national presidential seat for themselves-Matake, Bikita, Zimbabwe

Let a positive self-image prop you up in all spheres of life. A positive self-image is the ladder you need to ascend to higher dimensions in the social stratum. The biblical story of Gideon, attests the veracity of this notion. He was kept behind his nation’s centre stage due to a poor self-image. Gideon’s victim mentality and his low profile of himself kept him on the sidelines of greatness. He disrupted the Angels’s view of him as the ‘Man of Valour’ because of his poor esteem of himself-by Provider Gumbo (MOGI), success coach, Zimbabwe

Please keep us updated on Mugabe’s health. One day our prayers will be answered-N Sibindi, in exile, South Africa

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